Where are the men in NPP And KIA is being sold

Before 2016 general election, the NPP as a party led by Nana Addo and Bawumia hoodwinked majority of innocent Ghanaians to erroneously believe that the Mahama led Administration was run by incompetent people and asked Ghanaians to try him and his party. Ghanaians did really listened to him and granted him his wish whether the elections was manipulated or not,that is reserved for another day.

Nana was declared winner of the elections and sworn into office as President while his ‘fundamentals’ economist sworn in as VEEP in accordance with our Constitution.

Three years- six months on, I ask myself, where are the so called men in NPP that Nana Addo told us he was bringing to improve the economy he described as weak in 2016?

Immediately Nana became President, he begun to flagrantly invade the public service using the ‘rubber stamp’ public service commission and the court to replace public and civil servants, who were appointed based on their competences and through laid down procedures to their respective offices;to mention a few, the governor of BOG, Ridge hospital medical Director, CEO of Metro mass transit,Food and Drug Authority ,Standard Board Authority among others.

Today, we can comfortably say his men have amply demonstrated to be very incompetent in the management of institutions they have been appointed to manage. Go to bank of Ghana and his only legacy is collapsing of banks of people who are perceived to be their opponents with impunity, these challenges are uncountable, ridge hospital has become the epicenter for super incompetence, metro mass transit is beyond description and the corruption and mismanagement is stinging everywhere .

I turned my lense to the facilities constructed by Mahama and his supposed ‘incompetent team’ meant to provide employment and social services and others to generate income for the country and I ask myself, where is the ‘try-me’ president and his men? For three and half years on,H.E Nana cannot find men to put into operation the Legon medical center, BOG hospital, Komenda Suger factory and a host of health facilities, IT centers and schools across the length and breadth of this country.

The latest manifestation of incompetence and lack of able men among others, the mistrust in the capability of ghanaians to manage their own affairs is the case of Kotoko International Airport. Nana’s economic vampires, after mismanaging KIA, have decided to hand the airport to foreigners on a silver-plata.

Nana’s looting brigade have assigned flimsy excuses for the move but most people like myself have refused to believe them simply because, if the the government is really facing financial challenges in repaying the loan Mahama took to build the facility, why then did it secure yet another loan to expand the same facility in Tamale? I can’t really think far and i need some one to help me. Imagine you have a company saddled in debt and you decide to lease it out, will you at the same time go ahead to contract another loan to expand this none profitable business? Something is fishy here. And it is simple; Nana wants to have shares in KIA period.!!

The behaviour of this government in terms of management of state assets reminds me of what happened in the post Nkrumah era, where factories and strategic state assets like the nuclear plant were either left at the mercy of the weather or sold out at paltry sums while some were converted into church.

I can’t stop wondering, what at all will compel a government that was shouting on roof tops about the class of top economic management team they were bringing to save our economy, today decide to dish out a very lucrate facility like KIA? The appetite of government for foreign experts is becoming one too many. Is it that all the renowned administrators coming out from GIMPA most of them trained by Professor Adei and other management training institutions are not up to the task? Or is it the case the good ones are not in the good books of the NPP?

The behaviour of this government in the management of the economy leave us with no option but to conclude that the current EMT is made up of men specialized only in Borrowing and divesting of state properties. We must collectively resist any attempt by this wasteful govt to extend their wicked reign.


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