Volta, four other regions record below average increase in voter population

Every region recorded an increase in voter population during the 2020 voter registration exercise.

The electoral roll in the former Volta Region, which now includes both the Oti Region and Volta Region, however, increased by just 0.04 percent from the 2016 register with 508 more persons being included.

1,282,306 were registered in 2016, with the number marginally rising to 1,282,814 after the recent registration, according to provisional figures from the Electoral Commission (EC).

The Upper East Region also saw a slight increase by 0.40 percent, an amount of 4,942.

The region moved from 648,788 to 653,730 voters on the roll.

The third lowest rise was in the Eastern Region which saw a 1.78 percent increase accounting for 22,237 more persons registered.

Two other regions fell below the average increase of 7.37 percent in voter population; the Upper West Region with a 4.38 increase and the Western Region, which now comprises the Western Region and Western North Region, with a 5.46 increase.

Of the five regions below the average, data suggest that they have recorded a somewhat consistent drop in voter population over the past 30 years.

In contrast, the regions with the highest increases have consistently trended upwards. They are; the Greater Accra Region, the Northern Region and the Central Region.

The Greater Accra Region increased by 35.65 percent to 3,509,805 after 445,815 new voters registered.

The Northern Region increased by 16.28 percent to 1,631,580 after 203,663 new voters registered while the Central Region increased by 12.80 percent to 1,566,061, with 160,058 new registrants.

The voter registration exercise ended last week with 16,963,306 persons registering to vote in December’s polls.

This is an increase in the number of people in the 2019 register which had a total of 16,845,420 voters.

Some 800,000 persons are also awaiting a decision from the EC after suspicions of multiple registrations.

These persons will be assessed by adjudication and deduplication systems.

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