Stop Buying Expensive Cars; It’s Waste Of Money – Kwaw Kese

Rapper Kwaw Kese has advised his colleague musicians and Ghanaians to stop buying luxury things, paricularly cars but rather invest wisely.

According to the rapper, buying expensive cars is a waste of money.

In a video captured on social media, Kwaw Kese alluded to his extravagant lifestyle in his heydays saying he spent his money on luxurious cars but has today woken to the reality that it’s all worthless.

”It was Cadillac CTS. I bought it for $20000 in 2008. I bought it from Kwame Fakye. Go and ask him; 20000 dollars in 2008. If I had saved that money or invested that 20000 dollars from 2008, right now that money would have been a lot. I bought my Mustang for $35000 in 2013. If I had saved that $35000 and used it for business, right now it would have been hundreds of thousands of dollars. It went to waste…I bought three cars; ask me where the cars dey? They’re are waste of money”, he insisted.

He stressed he has learned lessons from his mistakes and therefore taken the opportunity to share with others how to build a subtantial lifetime fortune.

”…now we invest our money in something lucrative; something that will bring us money back in the future. So, I don’t believe in cars…I don’t fancy going to buy this designer, going to buy this car…No! If you buy a car today, tomorrow, the value goes down but if you buy a house, you can resell it and make more money. And that is what we’re investing our money in, something that will bring us back something lucrative. Something that, in the next 10 years, if I am not able to do music, it can support me.”

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