PNC government will bring ‘something new’ to Ghana – Apasera

Flagbearer of the People’s National Congress (PNC), David Apasera has promised what he best describes as a new Ghana should he emerge victorious in the upcoming December 7, 2020, general elections.

High on his priority list for Ghanaians is the stabilization of the Ghana cedis, an end to the importation of petroleum products, improved human resource development in the health sector, industrialization and job creation.

To him, these among other campaign promises are in the offing to transform the socio-economic development of the country and relieve the citizenry from the hardship brought on by all the other political parties that have steered the affairs of the country since independence.

“The PNC is coming on board with something new. I think that we have a cedi that is falling daily against foreign currencies. We have to look at areas where we can position the cedi and not rely on the dollar. Issues like where finished petroleum product is imported and sold in our domestic markets so the cedi can’t be stable. So we are going to make sure that we will not export crude oil until we have enough to feed our domestic markets”, he said on Eyewitness News.

Touching on health, industrialization and employment, the PNC leader said:

“Look at our hospitals and after sixty years of independence, we don’t have enough human resource to manage our hospital. That is wrong when we carry our sick to India and other countries. We will make sure we train the human resources required for our country. People are also moving around without jobs, and we are not able to confront them. But will come and make sure that we will look at how to industrialize and get individuals to put up factories to get people in there.”

PNC is ready to win Election 2020 – David Apasera

Already,  Mr. Apasera, has said that the PNC is poised to win the polls adding that he will work hard to ensure victory.

He added that the party will work even harder since their elections were held much later than the other parties.

“I want to let Ghanaians know, as this opportunity opens itself, I am going to work hard and let Ghanaians know that PNC is a vehicle that can carry you to the Jubilee House. We are going to hit the ground [running] because it is really late; we are just left with about three months,” he said.

Mr. Apasera urged Ghanaians to rally behind the People’s National Congress if they want a safe ticket for Ghana.

“I call on PNC members and all sympathizers, all those had given up hope, that the vehicle is awake again, and we are driving straight and fast so that we can catch up with the others who thought that there is no PNC. Today they will appreciate that there is PNC. I call on those on `the sidelines and all those who are struggling to join other political parties, that the PNC is open to all. Youth, come on board, PNC is a vehicle that can carry you far.

The PNC flagbearer, on Friday, October 9, 2020, submitted his presidential nomination forms at the Electoral Commission to contest the election.

He is part of the 17 presidential aspirants who have so far submitted their nomination forms.



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