Pantang Hospital staff partially suspend strike action

Staff of Pantang Hospital at Adentan in Accra have partially suspended a strike action commenced in June over encroachment on their lands.

A joint statement from five local labour unions in the hospital, however, expressed disappointment that their demands on government have not been met.

They are demanding the completion of a wall that would protect the hospital’s property.

Despite work stalling on the said wall, the staff are resuming work “as an act of good faith in response to the work done so far.”

They will resume Out Patient (OPD) services from Monday, July 27, they said.

The staff will, however, only work from 8:00am to 5:00pm.

“We fervently anticipate a time when the OPDs can run night duties again,” the communique said.

The workers also decried the Ministry of Health’s lack of attention to their demands, arguing “this only gives an indication of the value the Ministry of Health places on mental health care.”

“Furthermore, MoH has still not paid the hospital the working visit that was promised on June 2, 2020.

“We are not ignorant of all these happenings as we partially suspend the strike.

“If the work is not done by November 2020, we will be forced to reactivate this strike. We pray we do not get pushed to the unpleasant option of a full strike action,” they said.

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