NDC is the thread that holds Ghana together – Mahama

The flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), John Dramani Mahama has described his party as the thread that holds everyone together for national development.

Speaking at Kotokoli Zongo as part of his tour, he stated that the NDC’s ability to bring everyone together has earned it the credibility it deserves.

“If a country will move forward, that country needs unity, it’s very necessary that we see ourselves as one people, and we all know that NDC is the only party that brings everyone together.

“When NDC is in government, no one records any act of discrimination,” he added.

Defending his stance, the former President said “the New Patriotic Party anytime they come into office and the records are there, if you aren’t a member of the party, you will never get to feel the development.”

He also reiterated his stance that the NDC weighs more on the scale of performance as compared to the NPP.

He said based on this track record, the NDC stands a better chance of winning this year’s elections.

He hinted that the governance of the NDC is now being appreciated by Ghanaians in view of the performance of the NPP.

“When you compare and weigh the NDC to the NPP, you can see a vast difference in governance. God created darkness so we can appreciate the light, looking at the NPP government and the NDC government I believe that we shall win this year’s election,” he said.

According to the flag bearer, the NDC has a track record of serving equitably in the country without partiality or partisanship. This he said, will remain unchanged.

“While in government, we made a lot of developmental projects. We didn’t serve partially, we gave our best out to everyone. We didn’t say because we got fewer votes from this region, we will do less for that region.

“We provided light, supplied water, built schools and hospitals across all the regions,” he added.

At the community engagement, Mr. Mahama described the governance of the NPP since 2016 as “bad”; suggesting that they had been unable to do what they had promised Ghanaians.

“When we were in government, the NPP thought they knew better, saying they would do this and that differently.

“God being good, he allowed the NPP to take over from us, and under the watch of all, we can see how bad they have done in governing the people of Ghana,” he said.

The NDC flagbearer is hopeful of winning the Presidential seat in the upcoming elections and called on Ghanaians to vote for him and all the NDC parliamentary aspirants come December 7.

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