NAM1 now sells phones and fridges for survival – Black Rasta

According to Black Rasta, his boss now sells phones and fridges for survival.

Black Rasta in his recent interview noted that NAM1 is now into such a business in order to make ends meet. He said;

“Music has given Shatta Wale money so if Nana Appiah Mensah wants to sign an artiste and thinks that will give him money, he should be left to do his business because people in debt also do business.

Now when you come there, you will realize that he sells phones and fridges and many different things so when you come here you will see seven different departments.”

Black Rasta said he believed Nana Appiah Mensah was moving too fast hence his crush. He explained that NAM was just overspending his cash in his bid to solve Ghana’s problem a reason he is in his current state.

“He has always said that he has no Presidential ambitions but I think he was moving too fast. Young man, how old is NAM 1, thirty-something.

I’m older than NAM1 almost fifteen years so he’s my kid brother but God blessed him to get something small and when he got the money as a young man the exuberance pushed him so he was sharing money, driving the cars and throwing money, he thought he could solve the problems in Ghana in just one day.”

He believes he will one day overcome his current woes.

NAM1 is now very much in debt to his Menzgold customers. He was formerly known to be Ghana’s hero.

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