Martin Amidu’s resignation was long overdue – Vitus Azeem

Anti-corruption campaigner, Vitus Azeem said Mr. Amidu’s resignation was long overdue as the government failed to provide him with the needed support while in office.

Martin Amidu resigned from his position as the Special Prosecutor on November 16, 2020, after accusing the government of interfering in his work.

In an interview, Mr. Azeem said “In fact, Martin Amidu did well by staying through till this time. I would not have stayed this long. He is a human being. He was appointed to a position where he thought he will make an impact, and was continuously being tagged as incompetent for not living up to the task, yet, he was not being supported by the government. Why should he continue to stay there?”

“His resignation definitely means trouble, because he has given reasons for his resignation. If his reasons were health-related, that will be a different matter. But he gave reasons such as frustrations and even trauma. The issues he raised concerning his office, are likely to intimidate those to take over from him unless the person is comfortable working with the President,” he added.

Mr. Azeem said the admission of some of Amidu’s claims by  Office of the Special Prosecutor makes his [Martin Amidu’s] account more believable.

“The Office of the Special Prosecutor has admitted that indeed some of these concerns came before them, yet, they had not been addressed till now. Is it not frustrating? My tendency is to believe more of what Martin Amidu is saying than the government’s account.”

The anti-corruption campaigner further said President Akufo-Addo should replace the Special Prosecutor to keep the office running.

“The office won’t die upon his resignation. But then, the President needs to appoint someone else, not just anyone, one with certain qualities if he is serious about fighting corruption.”

He further outlined the qualities the replacement for the former Special Prosecutor must possess.

“I cannot point to a particular person. But the person should not be a known party member, someone whose name has not popped up in any of these scandals, one with integrity, bold enough to stand up against the wrongs, essentially, one who will be strong enough to do what Martin Amidu and Dumelevo were doing, otherwise, the anti-corruption fight will be a failure,” he added.

Don’t provoke me – Martin Amidu speaks for the first time after resigning as Special Prosecutor

Mr. Amidu in an exclusive interview with Citi News’ Umaru Sanda Amadu warned the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) against provoking him into speaking publicly about issues surrounding his resignation.

Mr. Amidu also claimed he did not feel secure after releasing a corruption risk assessment report he did on the controversial Agyapa Royalties deal.

Amidu, in the interview, said he decided not to engage in any media banter after resigning from office and warned that he will release more salvos if he is provoked by the government apparatchiks.

“I have said that I was not going to talk to the press since my resignation. I’m being pushed by so-called responses to me that contain blatant falsehood. But I do not want anybody to blame me when I speak out and it becomes unpalatable. So, either the attacks stop or I’ll defend my integrity. It is something I won by dint of hard work from PNDC to date. So I will not allow anybody, not even the President, to pull that integrity into the mud,” he said.



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