Man says corrupt African politicians need to be killed in front of their own people to warn others

A Nigerian man is suggesting that corrupt African Politicians need to be killed in front of their own people to serve as a warning to all.

Politics has become a hub for most Africans to quickly steal their country’s asset. A top Nigerian anti-corruption advocate is suggesting that any politician caught in the act should be sent to the community he represents and killed in front of his own people.

That to him will help restore sanity among the African political atmosphere.

Appearing in an exclusive interview, he said:

“I’m a great advocate of the death penalty in this country. I have said severally, I don’t hide it……You see all these politicians doing away with our billions of Naira after being governors and they end up in the cabinet by now if it was a serious environment by now we should have buried all of them.

We could have fired them like armed robbers the way we did way back some years in their villages. So that their own kinsmen will see them and know that when one wants to go into politics, they must take the business of governance serious.”

Many people are supporting him across Africa.

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