Lynching of suspected witches “a norm” in some parts of the North – Retired Police Inspector

A retired Chief Inspector of the Ghana Police, Michael Asamoah, says the lynching of 90-year old Madam Mariama Akua Denteh is only one of  several  cases  which has gained public attention.

Chief Inspector Michael Asamoah (Rtd), who  served in parts of the north  during his active days, said the practice of lynching suspected witches is not new.

According to him, these soothsayers who determine whether or not a woman is a witch are highly regarded in these communities.

He added that these soothsayers are traditionalists who are always consulted and have the backing of the chiefs in their areas.

Chief Inspector Michael Asamoah (Rtd) narrated a similar incident which he handled where a man who was accused of being the cause  of his brother’s ailment was lynched.

The retired Chief Inspector of the Ghana Police made the statements in an interview on Thursday.

“ Usually, the Chiefs in these towns where people are accused of being witches and using the craft to hinder the progress of others, are aware of the consequences. If the Chief of Kafaba says he has no idea, then it’s a big lie! They know it happens. This act has been happening in the Northern Regions since time immemorial”, he added.

Madam Mariama Akua Denteh was lynched in Kafaba in the East Gonja Municipality of the Savannah region.

The 90-year old woman was lynched on suspicion of witchcraft at Kafaba in the East Gonja Municipality of the Savannah region.

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