Kofi Akpaloo’s LPG promises benefits to unemployed adults

All unemployed persons above the age of 18 could be paid GHS200 a month if Kofi Akpaloo of the Liberal Party of Ghana is elected president in December 2020.

This he says is part of his strategic plan to put monies directly into the pockets of Ghanaians to stimulate the economy.

“LPG is going to introduce unemployment benefits. The unemployment benefits will help stimulate our economy because everybody above 18 years who is unemployed will receive money every month and this money will help businesses to grow.”

He also said his government will generate demand activities to help the economy.

“We believe that if people are getting money to spend in the economy, those who are receiving those monies will also pay taxes back and it will help them to create jobs and to create wealth,” Mr. Akpaloo added.

Kofi Akpaloo emerged on Ghana’s political scene in 2012 but his forms were rejected by the Electoral Commission on grounds that they were incomplete at the time nominations closed.

The founder and flagbearer of the Independent People’s Party were also among the 23 aspirants who picked forms to contest the 2016 presidential elections.

The Electoral Commission disqualified Kofi Akpaloo that year because individuals who signed his nomination forms had also endorsed the forms of another presidential candidate which was against EC regulations.

The then EC chairperson, Charlotte Osei’s announcement ended Akpaloo’s aspiration of becoming president of Ghana in 2016

As a result, he declared support for the then-presidential candidate of the New Patriotic Party, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

After the polls, Kofi Akpaloo renamed the independent Peoples’ Party to the Liberal Party of Ghana in 2017.

As the 2020 election beckons, the Kofi Akpaloo is making another attempt at the country’s presidency.

Together with his running mate Margaret Obrian Sarfo, Mr. Akpaloo believes he can manage the country much better than previous governments.

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