Government wants Domelevo out – Joyce Bawah claims

A Special Aide to former president John Mahama has alleged that the circumstances that precede and follow the Auditor-General’s leave order show that government wants him out of his office.

Joyce Bawah Mogtari said the reason for such a lengthy compulsory leave period was because he had delved in matters that had to do with the Akufo-Addo administration.

“The issue is only because I believe government wants him out. His activities regarding matters that affect the government’s whole outlook on corruption is in question.

“When he gored the ox of government, suddenly, he became an enemy of the state,” she purported.

Speaking on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show, Thursday, she described it as “a certain battle that we must all know”.

The former Deputy Transport Minister’s comments came on the back of recent reports that the Auditor-General met the locks of his office door changed after he proceeded on leave.

Although some people have argued that he did not have any reason to visit the office while on leave, she countered that the decision to continue working during the period is the choice of the individual depending on the obligations they have.

She added that as the Special Prosecutor, is unlikely to stop work entirely within the period considering the nature of his work.

“Most people of a certain category of responsibility continue to work even when they are on leave. Depending on the level of your responsibility, you do have moment where from time to time you come into the office to check whether you have received some email, some letter that need your attention or that you have even left some document sin the office.”

“There will be a need at some point to crosscheck on some things and you would also expect that those who are acting will from time to time, reach out,” she explained.

Joyce stated that the fact that he needed to seek permission from other people in the premises to access his office shows bad fate.

She suggested that there may be a conflict among the board of the Audit Service hence the recent events that have been unfolding during Mr Domelevo’s appointment.

“When you read the intent and tenets of that letter that came from the Presidency, even that tells you that the board isn’t working. Why would Mr Domelevo defy a board of which he is a part?”

“Sometimes, there is a lot that goes on behind the scene that we do not see,” she said.

However, she lamented that the string of controversies that have surrounded Daniel Domelevo’s office will have and impact on his reputation

Joyce Bawah called for the independence of state institutions which are set up to check misconducts.


The Office of President Nana Akufo-Addo directed Auditor General Mr Daniel Domelovo to proceed on his accumulated leave of one hundred and thirty-two working day.

This directive was followed by a response from Daniel that his work was ‘embarrassing‘ the government. However, his claims were backed down by the Presidency which in turn increased the duration of his leave to one hundred and sixty-seven (167).

A number of Civil Society Organisations (CSOS) and social media users have petitioned the president to reverse the order.

Nonetheless, the President dismissed the calls stating that the basis on which the requests are being made were taken into consideration prior to the decision hence it would be impossible.

Recently, the Auditor-General was shocked to find the locks to his office changed when he went by to pick up some documents.

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