“Ghanaian men never approached me because they thought I was not their kind of girl, they made me feel awkward” – Wiyaala

Ghanaian Afro-pop singer-songwriter, Noella Wiyaala has opened up on why she was not seen as attractive to Ghanaian men throughout her musical journey up to now.

According to the 33-year-old global musician, she had a lot of interest from men from other parts of the world but interestingly, no Ghanaian man expressed romantic interest in her.

During an interview on Adom TV, Wiyaala said, the lack of interest by men in Ghana made her feel awkward but she understood it because she did not appear romantic and sexy as many would have loved her to be.

“I think most Ghanaian boys think I am not their kind of girl or something. Even I had guys from other African countries but Ghanaians made me feel a bit off and awkward, she said.

However, she said after her marriage to her manager John Sherren, she began to receive flirtatious advances from Ghanaian men but she is far gone and enjoying her family.

The type of music Wiyaala does which are premised on invoking the ‘Africanness’ and the true identity of the Black race gives her a masculine appearance on and off the screens especially with the display of agility and toughness in her traditional dance moves.

But, according to her, she may have the look of a man but her heart is as soft and tender and ready to give and receive love like any other woman out there.

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