GH¢18M from public lighting levy not missing – Energy Ministry

The Ministry of Energy has rejected claims that almost GHS20 million out of the Public Lighting Levy collected between 2018 and 2019 cannot be accounted for.

Some media houses had quoted the Energy Minister, Peter Amewu as indicating that almost GHS20 million out of the GHS273 million public lighting levy collected by the Electricity Company of Ghana, Volta River Authority and Northern Electricity Company of Ghana (NEDCO) had gone missing.

The Head of Communications at the Energy Ministry, Nana Damoah in an interview, said the reports were false.

He clarified that contrary to media reports, the Energy Minister had sought to only show the difference between monies received by the Ministry of Energy from the three power sector companies and monies that had been utilised.

“That is not true, no money is missing whatsoever. What is being reported as missing is the difference between the monies received by the Ministry and monies utilized. So the difference between what was received and what was utilised is about GHS18 million.”

“Bear in mind the fact that we are accounting for what was spent in 2018 and 2019 so if the money was received quite close to the end of 2019, it will be rolled over to 2020 which is why the GHS18 million has come into question. It was received quite late, so it is not factual to say GHS18 million or so is missing.”

GHS64 million out of the GHS273 million levy was transferred to the Ministry for the purpose of fixing and maintaining streetlights.

Energy Sector Levies Act 2017, requires a charge of 3% per kWh of electricity from all categories of consumers as shown in the Energy Sector Levies (Amendment) Act 2017, (Act 946).

The levy is used to support maintenance and investment of traffic and street lights on highways by Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies and payment of energy bills consumed by traffic lights, among others.

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