Final Year SHS Student Dies In Western Region

A 21-year-old Nathaniel Yankey, a final year student of Gwiraman Senior High School in the Nzema East municipality of the western region has passed on at Essikadu Government Hospital.

The incident occurred when the deceased was rushed to the hospital for a suspected COVID-19 case on Wednesday, July 15, 2020.
Narrating the incident to Atinka TV,  the mother of the deceased, Mena Adjoa Esoun says the son called to inform her over severe headache he was experiencing on Saturday, July 11, 2020.
She indicated that, the boy after informing her about his condition told her that his mates were taking him to hospital, so she shouldn’t panic or come to the school.
According to the mother, she became worried and inquired about the whereabouts of his teacher but the son told her not to worry because everything was going to be fine as they head to hospital for the treatment.
Mena Adjoa Esoun stressed, one the teacher after spoken the son called to inform her about the condition of her son.
So, I asked him about his whereabouts when his mates had already taken him to the hospital and whether he hasn’t heard about what was happening in Accra and Kumasi.
According to the mother, she again called the son to find out about the kind of medication he was given at the hospital and Nat told him that he was only given paracetamol.
The following day, I called to inform him that I was going for him, and he declined saying he was going to be fine and also the roads are very deplorable.
On Tuesday, I realized from the voice of my son that he was weak, so I insisted I go for him, and he told me he was en route back home.
When he got here, I quickly sent him to hospital, and they immediately put him on oxygen to sustain his condition because it was very bad at that time.
After the demise of my son, some people believed to be officials from Ghana Education Service (GES) came to the hospital to speak to her.
Meanwhile, the Ghana Education Service has released a statement indicating that Nathaniel Yankey did not die under their care.
The statement said, Gwiraman is a community day which does not have a boarding facility.
So, it was the parents who have rather rented a private hostel for their children which was not under the supervision of the school.
The statement also said, the deceased left the school on Friday, July 10, 2020 to his parent for medical care.
Source: Dadzie
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