Dixcove conflict: Paramount Chief of Upper Dixcove calls on Prez to intervene.

The Paramount Chief of Upper Dixcove in the Ahanta West Municipality of the Western Region, Obrempong Hima Dekyi XVI, has called on President Nana Akufo-Addo to intervene and find solution to the acts of violence that have engulfed Dixcove over the years.


Obrempong Hima Dekyi XVI who addressed the media over the current situation at Dixcove Tuesday in Takoradi, said the call to the president is aimed at bringing peace to the entire Dixcove so that the people would be able to go about their normal duties without fear or panic.


Obrempong Hima Dekyi XVI, Paramount Chief of Upper Dixcove
Obrempong Hima Dekyi XVI, Paramount Chief of Upper Dixcove


He narrated the events that resulted in the current attack by the people of Lower Dixcove and said, on Monday, March, 15, 2021, one of his Divisional Chiefs, mother and few others were attacked by some people from Lower Dixcove with machetes and other missiles, beat them for visiting Tuorem, a land which is in dispute.


One of the victims
One of the victims


There has been tension between Upper and Lower Dixcove over the traditional ownership of Tuorem land.


Tuorem is a coastal town situated at Lower Dixcove. The Court, upon several adjudications, has ruled in favour of Upper Dixcove to have the rightful traditional authority over Tuorem land and subsequently granted them the right to install a Chief.


However, the paramount Chief of Lower Dixcove, Nana Kwesi Agyeman IX and his people who were not satisfied with the final judgment of the court have prevented the people of Upper Dixcove from taking over the land as directed by the court. This has resulted in the feud between the two traditional paramountcies.


Nana Kwesi Agyeman IX
Nana Kwesi Agyeman IX


Obrempong Hima Dekyi XVI, lamented over the situation where people are afraid to live in their own town because some hooligans have decided to take the law into their own hands and act lawlessly to destabilize the peace of the country.


“In this 21st-Century era, we cannot sit when people have become so lawless and they take the law into their own hands and try to breach the flawless peace we have all enjoyed,” he emphasised. He, therefore, appealed to President Akufo-Addo to intervene in the situation to end the feud between the two paramountcies.



Source: Ghananest.com/Matthew Dadzie

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