Chaos erupts at Haatso market following shop owners attempt to fight Ga East Municipal Assembly

There has been chaos at Haatso Market following shop owners attempt to fight Ga East Municipal Assembly over the decision to demolish the market.

According to the Haatso Market Shop Owners Association, they have already presented their receipts, that’s was given to them by the previous owners of the market that is Ga West Municipal assembly to the assembly indicating that they have made full payment for the shops. Their lawyer has also sent a letter to the assembly to demand for their rights. In response to the letter, the assembly sent out warning posters telling the shop owners to vacate the market for demolition.
Eye witnesses has affirmed that, the assembly has deployed bulldozers to the market indicating their seriousness to demolish the shops. According to the Ga East municipal Assembly, the shop owners are mere squatters.
Moreso, the only compensation the Assembly has agreed on to give them is to consider them first when renting out the new shops to be built. The association has therefore expressed their feelings towards this decision by the assembly as disheartening thus their readiness to fight them.
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