Chamber of Construction Industry gives government ultimatum to pay its members

The Ghana Chamber of Construction Industry (GhCCI) has given government a 14-day ultimatum to address their concerns with regards to the non-payment of works done.

In a statement released by the Chamber, it stated that a roadmap that was arrived at during tripartite negotiations with the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning and the Ministry of Roads and Highways in August 2019 has been “thrown overboard for reasons best known to the two Ministries”.

“Accordingly, leadership of the Chamber is appealing to all its aggrieved and affected Contractors, Consultants…to remain calm and keep faith while Chamber leadership give Government…some 14-day period ultimatum to come out with a reasonable and transparent payment plan which is to ameliorate the long suffering of the affected Workers, Suppliers and Contractors across the entire Country Ghana by bringing finality/closure to this impasse”.

The body, however, admitted that delay in their payment may be as a result of the ripple effect of Coronavirus on government’s expenditure. Nevertheless, they threatened to demonstrate and use “other forms of venting” to express their displeasure.

In a statement signed by the CEO of the Chamber, Mr Emmanuel Cherry, it stated that they are “not to be blamed or held responsible for any damning consequence if the Presidency through its Agencies fail to address the outstanding payment.”

It, however, called on its aggrieved and affected members, appealing to remain calm while they wait for government to come up with a plan that addresses their concerns.



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