Avail yourself for medical screening and treatment- Nzema East MCE to the public

Frank Okpenyen, the Chief Executive of the Nzema East Municipal Assembly, has admonished the people of Axim and its environs who have perhaps eaten the dead dolphins that were washed ashore to avail themselves for medical screening and treatment to prevent any health complications.

The MCE in a press statement said that the cause of death of the dolphins are not yet known thus the need to desist from eating them.

Mr. Okpenyen emphasized that the assembly has intensified its efforts to educate and sensitize the public within the municipality, cautioning them on the danger associated with the consumption of the dead fishes that washed ashore the coast of Brawire Akyenim.

He also urged the people to remain calm while the authorities work assiduously to retrieve all the remaining fishes which are in the possession of some individuals.

He noted that the assembly has engaged the Fisheries Commission and other relevant agencies including Food and Drug Authorities, Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences and Centre for Coastal Management of the University of Cape Coast to investigate the cause of the incident.

On Sunday, April 4, 2021, about 200 melon-headed whales were washed ashore the coast of Brawire Akyenim in the Nzema East municipality.

The residents who were around the beach at the time, attacked and killed some of the dolphins and sent them home for domestic and commercial purposes.

A team from the assembly, including the MCE, Police, BNI, Environmental Health Officer, Chief Fishermen among others got to the beach and realized some of the dolphins had been taken home. So they quickly instituted some measures to retrieve about 68 of the dolphins that were taken home.

30 of the 68 dolphins retrieved were found to be alive and were taken back to the sea while the remaining 38 were buried at the assembly’s Refuse dumping site.

The assembly has also retrieved additional 20 dolphins from some fishmongers yesterday April 8, 2021, when the fishes were being processed for the market.

So far about 88 of the dolphins which are in the possession of some of the residents have been retrieved with the remaining 112 still in the possession of the people.

Source: Ghananest.com|Matthew Dadzie

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