Afao Traditional Council Warns NPP For Disrespecting Them

Aflao Traditional Council has warned the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), over their party activities in the town.

The Traditional Council advised the party to ensure that their political activities are conduct in the area devoid of conflicts.

The ruling party executives in the region are alleged to have been descending heavily the on chiefs in Aflao.

The executives of the New Patriotic Party NPP in the Volta Region including the party’s Regional Communications Officer Pope Yevu and few others were recently throwing words back to back to the traditional rulers in the town just because of the press statement issued by the traditional council base military presence and their brutalization of the people in town with no reasons.

Announcing this warnings, the Linguist of the Aflao Traditional Area and divisional chiefs stated that the Council considers the action of the NPP party as an affront, hence the decision to crack the whip.

The Traditional Council further stated that some notable radio stations in the area will also receive their whip very soon.

According to the chiefs these radio stations which are owned by some bigwigs in NPP are working to undermine the traditional authorities of the chiefs.

The chiefs also indicated that some of these executives refused to honour their invitation when they were summoned to appear before the traditional council, adding that they take a strong view of their conduct.

“You then go and sit on your radio stations which are located and disrespect us”, the chiefs said.

Again, we have realized that the NPP party within the Aflao land does not respect the traditional authority.

Consequently, we have warned the NPP from carrying any party activities on our land. We will soon take a very serious action against any party activities in Aflao.


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