“Actor Prince David Osei once referred to me as stupid and I will never forgive him” – Akuapem Poloo

Akuapem Poloo has expressed unforgiveness at what she described as total disrespect from award-winning actor Prince David Osei.

The actress and socialite who has Rosemond Brown as her official name said the actor once described her as ‘stupid’ on live television and she does not think she is ever going to forget not to talk of letting it go.

Speaking to Mona Gucci on the Linkup Entertainment Show on Katanka TV, Akuapem Poloo recounted how Prince David Osei, out of hatred and disrespect, decided to call her names because she was called to present an award at the Golden Movie Awards.

“Actor Prince David Osei went for a television interview and stated that he is very disappointed in organizers of Golden Movie Awards by allowing a stupid girl like me Akuapem Poloo to present an award whiles better people were around”

Although Akuapem Poloo admitted that she has a pound of respect for the award-winning actor, she believed Prince David Osei has disrespected her and it still hurts.

“I will never forget what Prince David Osei said to me although I don’t hate him because I respect him a lot and I have been on set with him twice, so he knows me very well and can testify by saying I’m a humble person”

Although Prince David 0sei is seen to possess a cool, calm personality, many who are close to him have said he is sometimes repulsive and hard and clearly his decision to replicate that same energy on Akuapem Pollo does not sit well with the actress.


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