93-year-old man discloses his secrets at staying sexually active even at an old age

According to Emmanuel Yeboah, the age of a man must never affect the way he performs in bed since a man’s ability to be sexually-active always affects his confidence, respect and self-esteem.

The Nonagenarian said he became sexually active when he was 25 years and he still continues to perform incredible sexual gymnastics on his 65-year-old wife.

In an interview on eTV’s adult night show, Mr Yeboah said the advent of men going for multiple sexual partners coupled with their diet render them sexually-helpless.

In revealing his secrets, he said the number trick is one’s diet. Mr Yeboah said the food we eat especially the fast and junk foods disrupts the sexual potency of a man.

“I don’t mess around. I respect myself so I don’t go in for lots of women. I only stick to my wife. I also eat heavy and healthy foods like ampesi, rice, banku and others. I don’t like foods like tea,” he said.

Mr Yeboah also said apart from sticking to one woman and eating well, he relies heavily on local concoctions.

According to him, he mixes some herbs into what he describes as ‘bitters’ to aid him to be sexually energetic which has never let him down.

“I haven’t taken an injection before and I haven’t even been to a hospital before. I’ve never been given a hospital card in my life because I take good care of myself and I treat myself well with my medicinal bitters”, Mr Emmanuel Yeboah added.

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