35-Year-old man impregnates 16-year old daughter

Young African American Woman Pregnant isolated on a black background

A 35-year-old man, Akwasi Adu, has impregnated his 16-year old daughter at Wassa Abreshia in the Amenfi East Municipality of the Western Region.

The 16-year-old girl is an SHS one student and is currently four months pregnant with her father, who is a community mining worker.

According to information, Akwasi Adu’s wife detected the pregnancy and upon several interrogation, the victim opened up and mentioned her father’s name.

The father, when confronted by the wife admitted he sexually abused his daughter and impregnated her.

The wife then reported the case to the Chief of Wassa Abreshia and left her husband to her parents house, ‘to allow the husband marry the 16-year-old girl’.

The Chief after the report, invited the husband who admitted the offence.

The Chief and his elders have however performed some rites to cleanse the land and purify both the father and the daughter against any future misfortunes.

The case has not been reported to the police even though it is an offence of defilement and incest.


Source: Ghananest.com/Matthew Dadzie

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